Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to back up your files.

Have you ever lost all your files after a problem with your windows.

As you know each time you save your files in most windows programs they are automatically saved to the my documents folder as shown below in the diagram.


Then you probably have tried to saved your files on a second partition the D: partition as shown below.


However it is painful and from time to time you would inadvertently save one or two files  in your my document folder and sadly a lot of windows program saves their files automatically to the my document folder.

So wouldn’t you love it just to save your files to the my document folder and it would automatically be saved to you D: partition? Yes it can be done and I am going to show you how to do it.

First click on your start button and this would appear.


Click on the top most icon that represent your name. This where all your documents, pictures,videos, etc are stored.

After you have clicked on it you would see this. image

Now you will have to do this process and repeat it for all the folders from the contacts to the videos folders.

So the first step is to right click on the contact folder and click on the properties.


You will see the following window. You the have to click on the location tab.

You will then have to click on “move” where you will be asked to select the folder that you want to save your files in. This folder should be in the D partition.

click on “ok”.

After you have click on ok all your files will be moved to the D partition. You will then have to move all the other folders to the D partition like when you did with the “contact” folder.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Music and video freezing all the time laptop!


Have you ever notice that when you play videos and music on your laptop, they freeze, stop or are choppy?

My guess is that you have set your power usage too low or by default it is set too low. You would thus have to change your power scheme from “power saver” to “balanced”.

I did it and after that all music and videos played just fine. So if you can do it yourself then you can stop reading.

There are two way for you to do this.

The first method is through the taskbar and the second one is through the control panel.

1. The taskbar

In your taskbar at the right there is the power icon as you can see in fig 1 below.


Fig 1

Now you click on the icon and this window will appear. You can now choose what power plan you want. If you are playing music and videos you choose balanced but if you are doing less power-hungry stuff such as writing letters of surfing the web you can choose power saver. 



Fig 2

2. Control panel

If you cannot do the method 1 then open your control panel and then click on “power plans”.

This window will open.


Fig 3

You can now choose what power plans you want.

Happy listening and watching

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to promote your blog effectively by Keeping records.


As you probably know by now having good content is not necessarily enough. You will need to promote your blog. There are many ways to promote your blog such as

  1. Comments on different blogs
  2. Respond to question in forum related to your niche
  3. Participating in social networking sites  like facebook , twitter, etc
  4. Bookmark your best posts in social bookmarking sites
  5. Registering your blogs or Rss feeds in directories

These are just a few of the things that you can do on the internet to promote your blogs. However there are also some problems that you have to remember.

1. All these sites require registrations, username and passwords. Some may not accept your blogs that are not old enough. Hence you will have some sites that are registered and some not. Your sites will have different passwords and username. Not all sites will accept that you change your username and password.

2.  While you are promoting your blogs there are things that you may have done for one blog while for some blog you may not have done it. Because you may not have time to do all of them in one go.

However it is so easy to forget. So how to keep track?

If you are in blogging for the long run then you will have to keep record of your actions.

I have decided to keep track of my actions on excel.  Look at the table below for a sample of how i keep track of


image As you can see in the images above, I keep track of everthing, passwords, username, site that i participate in.

If your blogs are different you might want to have a record for each blog.

As an example i have forgotten that i have registered in until i started to receive visitors from them.

So do not make the same mistake as me and start keeping your records.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to change the resolution of your screen!

A few days ago a friend of mine was using his laptop with a projector and suddenly the resolution changed. It changed to the 600x400. No need to tell you that suddenly the things on the screen was big and some thing could not be seen and in order to show then you have to constantly scroll left and right or up and down.

Later on he came to me and asked me how do you change the resolution of the screen. So here you are guys.

Step 1

Right click on your screen until you see this. 


Click on personalise.

Now you are going to see this window.


Click on the Display setting. You will then see this .


Now adjust the slider to change your resolution to high or low. Click ok. A new window will appear again confirming your choice click ok again.

Here you are. The next time this happens you will just have to readjust your resolution to high again.

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